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Title Dhare Jab Pohncha England
Released By Shubham Music
Conceived & Produced by Harvinder Malik
Directed & Presented by Harvinder Malik
Music Vaishnav Deva-Devraj Deva, Mukesh & Ashok
Lyrics Ram Niwas(IAS)
Singer Ram Niwas (IAS) and Poornima
Model Ravi Sharma & Karen Nicholls
Shoot At Rohtak & London
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    Press Release...
    Harvinder Malik’s latest block buster Haryanvi pop album DHARE JAB PAHUNCHA ENGLAND” is a unique fusion of Haryanavi music with western beats. The theme of eight songs encompasses various moods such as romantic, comic & tragic etc.

The title song “DHARE JAB PAHUNCHA ENGLAND” is a comic presentation of a Haryanavi Choudhary going to London first time and getting overawed by foreign culture. One of the songs ‘Mera Bhi to Byah Kara De’ is a dig at adverse sex ratio in Haryana. The song ‘Chhati Ke Ma Goli Laagi’ is t tribute to Kargil martyrs. The song ‘Dekhya Dhang Nirala’ is a romantic rendition whereas the song Dekhi Thi Ek Chhori’ is a beautiful depiction of scene at village Panghat. The song ‘Bharat Mai Haryana’ is a cultural vista of Haryana’s rich cultural heritage. The song ‘Dekhya Kirkat Ka Desi Dhang’ is a funny presentation of the cricket fever affecting the rural life and the song ‘ Peeya Mai Jangi Disco Mai’ is depiction of disco cultural captivation the fancy of the village belles. The video of the title song has been shot at the various locations in London. This is the first time that a Haryanavi music album has shot abroad.

The Album has been Conceived, Produced, Directed & Presented by Mr. Harvinder Malik of Shubham Music, Mumbai who has already presented such hits haryanavi pop albums as Git-Pit Git-Pit, Guturghun & Desi Ka Pavva and music of film Laado in the past. The lyrics and singing is by Mr. Ram Niwas, IAS, an officer of Haryana and Music by Vaishnav Deva-Devraj Deva from Mumbai. The Chief Minister Mr. Om Prakash Choutala released the Haryanavi Pop Album “ DHARE JAB PAHUNCHA ENGLAND” on 16th Aug. at C.M. residence.

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Aug 21, 2014 12:19 AM
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